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SapTREE believes in working closely with the industry and the same is reflected in or tie-ups with some of the most prestigious institutions and experts from across the world. We created first ever specialization program for Animation & Visual Effects and more recently we’ve launched India’s most unique and relevant courses on Web Technologies & Design. So visit our Training Studio Today!


Animation is the body language of a product. When static screens become kinetic, they create an active two-way conversation with the user. Animation creates energy within an interface and lets the user know what’s happening before, during and after an action. The Cinema and Digital Media program combines the study of audio-visual and digital media, theories about such media, and the relevant modes of artistic practice and production. thus integrates the analysis of audio-visual and digital texts with their theoretical underpinnings and their methods of production. The program also addresses the particular impact that technology has on culture in its many forms and fields.


This faculty interweave teaching and research on these histories, theories, and practices. Current fields for teaching and research in CDM include the history and analysis of film and video, film and video production, electronic music, digital content creation and design, the digital arts, community media and activism, animation, and photography—as well as the theories and politics of these various areas.The courses of study in Cinema and Digital Media remain the majors and minors of Film Studies and Technocultural Studies. See our Academics area for details about these courses of study.


Consider the wide range of mental and physical abilities of your users. For animations that are longer than five seconds, we must provide the ability to pause, stop, or hide animations for users who can be severely distracted, particularly those with attention deficit disorders. If the animation has audio longer than three seconds, provide audio control for users that have screen reading software, as it will make it easier for them to understand their screen reader.



Style your animation to give it the feel of a machine in motion.

For years, SapTREE has crafted business machines for professionals around the world. From the powerful strike of a printing arm to the smooth slide of a typewriter carriage, each movement was fit for purpose and designed with intent. Our software demands the same attention to detail for making products feel lively and realistic. We take inspiration from our heritage to define our animation style. Machines have solid planes, rigid surfaces and sharp, exact movements that are acted upon by physical forces. They don’t go from full-stop to top speed instantly or come to an abrupt stop, but instead take time to accelerate and decelerate. They have an inherent mass and move at different speeds in order to accomplish the tasks they were designed for.


Our side-to-side animations are influenced by the carriage of the IBM Executive electric typewriters. We extracted qualities like precision and accuracy from the machine. The carriage slings smoothly as it returns to the left margin, stopping exactly in the same place every time.The rhythmic oscillations of tape reels in motion got us thinking about a user’s waiting experience. If a user watches search results load, showing the machine at work relays a sense of efficiency. The swift and even balance of the spinning circles indicates that progress is being made.The sliding of the multi-function card machine is used as inspiration for the mobile drop down. As a punched card is fed from the hopper, it gracefully pushes out from the left side. Then, the card halts for a split second and slides out of sight, the way the drop down zips back up into place.


Timing and spacing set the pace and personality for an animation.

Time and space are the atomic units of measurement for animation. Combining them in different ways gives an object character. Subtle changes in rates can shift an object’s personality from feeling frantic and anxious to eager and excited. Paying attention to these details can give an animation a comfortable feel.Use an appropriate speed that feels natural to the user when elements move, appear or disappear. Movement that is too fast causes confusion, and movement that is too slow irritates people.When moving an element from one point to the next, decide the length of time an action takes and how an element will travel in a given amount of space. Start by defining the “in-betweens,” the states that live between an action. In-betweens add the value of what happens between static wireframes. Each in-between has a hero shot, a still frame that captures the most dynamic pose in the action.


When designing animation for the in-betweens, ask yourself:

- What elements are common between the screens?

- How might the elements change over time?

- Does an animation created to convey the change between elements add value to the user interaction?


The creative, artistic immersion of today’s games needs a supporting business architecture that brings imagination to life on to digital screens. Our history of innovation and engineering helps gaming studios and developers to deliver compelling and engaging experiences. Wipro’s technology-savvy focus on how games are delivered and syndicated differentiates us as a partner in the delivery of compelling art, assets, and overall player experiences.