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In management, information technology consulting (also called IT consulting, computer consultancy, business and technology services, computing consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory) as a field of activity focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, IT consultancies often estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on behalf of their client organizations - a practice known as "outsourcing".


The IT consulting industry can be viewed as a Four-tier system:

Professional services firms which maintain large professional workforces and command high bill rates.

Staffing firms, which place technologists with businesses on a temporary basis, typically in response to employee absences, temporary skill shortages and technical projects.

Independent consultants, who are self-employed or who function as employees of staffing firms (for US tax purposes, employed on Form W-2), or as independent contractors in their own right

Information Technology security consultants. There are different reasons why consultants are called in:

- To gain external, objective advice and recommendations

- To gain access to the consultants' specialized expertise

- Temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not required or necessary

- To outsource all or part of the IT services from a specific company.


To transform your business, you need a partner. One who brings you new and innovative ideas every day. A partner with deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities. A partner who works shoulder to shoulder with you to help you reach the next level of performance. It’s critical to start with a partner who understands the intersection of business and technology. For more than 11 years, our consultants have designed and implemented profound business transformations in partnership with the world’s leading companies. SapTREE Consulting delivers business outcomes at speed and with certainty, while helping you manage risk. Any organization can make do with incremental change – at least, for a while. But building for the future means making bold moves and tough decisions that will transform your business. We're proud to help shape the way the world’s leading companies structure and manage their business. And we are passionate about harnessing innovation to tackle even the most complex issues.




Out Sourcing

SapTREE have recruitment process with stringent screening and selection, ensuring that only the very best in the industry work for our company. Emphasis is laid on pre-existing skills and experience in core-competency areas. SapTREE is at continuous skill enhancement program keeps its professionals up to date at the forefront of Technology. The profile of employees is as follows:


  • Engineering / graduates from leading institutions.
  • Experienced in specific technology areas.
  • Most of them are certified Professionals (Microsoft, Java, Oracle, etc)
  • Trained in software development methodologies & design.
  • Excellent communication & analytical skills.


We believe that high quality is delivered only through consistency and focus. Our principle has always been to work towards customer satisfaction through innovation, creation and development. Our clients typically have complex requirements and high performance expectations. Our project teams can solve the most unusual and tricky problems — often where other developers have failed. Our team constantly strives to make a difference in a market place. We are a group of quality people with professional expertise. We work in a very transparent and open environment. We are professional in staffing and consulting services. We provide dedicated and committed efforts of the entire team at SapTREE - to deliver quality and to meet the stringent deadlines of the client. We offer a comprehensive suite of interactive recruitment.


We uphold the SapTREE Code of Business Conduct, and Ethics and the Integrity Manual, in all that we do.


SapTREE’s comprehensive program that drives increasing ecological sustainability in all our operations and areas of influence.