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The Gaming industry is undergoing rapid transformation to keep pace with changing demographics and digital distribution. As there is an evolution of graphic technology coupled with social and cloud, organizations are looking at cloudification of Gaming through Gamification as a Service. This, together with other technology advances such as Natural User Interface, is throwing up opportunities in content creation for various age groups.


Today’s connected consumers are looking for media experiences that are tailored to their requirements in terms of geography, social environment, and personal preferences. Media and Entertainment companies feel the pressure to quickly fulfill new demands, while staying ahead of growing competition. They need to enhance their technology capabilities to change with the times, while managing costs constantly.


The media and entertainment domain experts at SapTREE help tackle the challenges you face while meeting the market demands of new media. We support large global media conglomerates, top Hollywood studios, leading gaming companies and large post-production houses in their pursuit of satisfying the new-age customer. Based on our wide-ranging experience in the Film and Gaming industry, we have designed a suite of IT solutions and services that help you deliver value to your clients.


As the demand for digital interactivity and real-time on-demand content increases, media platforms become more advanced. You need to make content available in a multitude of digital formats for effective monetization. Interactions among content creators, distributors and consumers via social media platforms compel you to engage your consumer in product development and plan for customized, interactive product development and distribution. The problem of content piracy has grown in proportion and complexity with digitization. A robust anti-piracy solution is necessary for Media and Entertainment companies in today’s digital world.


High operating costs and reduced budgets often prevent you from implementing transformational programs for technology enhancement and strategic changes are needed to overcome these challenges. Lack of consistency in managing IT services and infrastructure across business units can pose further difficulties in your path to new media success.


We offer you solutions based on our deep functional and domain understanding of value chains across all business units of studios: Theatricals, Home Entertainment, Television and Corporate. Our solutions help you achieve standardization in IT service management across divisions. You can achieve operational efficiency and reduce time to market while optimizing costs. Innovative content monetization support and multi-channel and multi-platform delivery of content provide you a competitive edge.

Our Offering

Our solutions span across core business functions in the media and entertainment industry. We provide you with the following:

Advisory and Application Development and Maintenance Services to strengthen the key functions in your business such as supply chain, finance, rights and royalties, marketing, sales and distribution

End-to-end Infrastructure Services to help you manage the critical areas of your business including cloud

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementations, Rollouts and Support Services to help you streamline and integrate your core business processes such as procurement, finance and HR

Mobility and Digital Solutions to design your digital strategy and enable digital transformation

Business Insights to enable you to leverage the combination of Knowledge Process Outsourcing Business Intelligence, and social media for business success

Assurance Services to act as your enterprise testing arm

End-to-end Legacy Modernization and Application Re-engineering Services to help you migrate legacy applications to web-enabled and modern technology platforms


Increase your budget for transformational programs: Reduce your operating cost by leveraging our costeffective solutions. This allows you to invest more appropriately in implementing transformational programs and enhancing your offerings.

Expand your reach: Reach a larger number of consumers across the world through the blend of our expert advice and digital transformation programs. Multi-channel and multi-format content delivery can enable you to broaden your reach considerably.

Ensure security of your content: Leverage our expert consultation and anti-piracy offerings to protect your copyright and avoid unauthorized use of your content.

Understand your customer and deliver targeted content: Track consumer opinions and feedback, establish trends, and involve your consumers in the process of content development. When you know the exact satisfaction level of your consumers, it becomes easier for you to deliver targeted content to specific groups.

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The SapTREE Advantage

Our solutions for the Gaming industry provide you with a distinctive edge through our knowledge assets, functional expertise, and delivery efficiencies. Key factors that set us apart include:

Vast industry experience and track record: Our global clientele includes large Hollywood studios, leading gaming companies, and lottery and betting organizations. We support them across the entire spectrum of IT, ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services), and Infrastructure Services. We have a remarkable track record of successfully delivering services and solutions to our FMG client base. This experience has strengthened our capabilities to support you and drive your businesses toward success in the age of new media.

Domain-specific assets, tools, and accelerators: We offer you a large number of domain-specific assets, tools, accelerators to ensure innovation and efficiency. These include:

    Analytics Framework for studio, theatrical and home entertainment divisions, and gaming

    Enterprise Rights Management Platform to manage content rights, covering end-to-end acquisitions and distribution workflows

    Online Video Platform to help you manage the transition to video communications in a timely manner in alignment with your organization’s vision in terms of business and technology

    Participation and Residuals Implementation and Process Support on industry-standard platforms

    Digital Integrated Marketing Enabler, an integrated web platform to support social collaboration and digital revenue streams in a cost-effective manner

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How We Help Our Customers

SapTREE's expertise in Gaming comes from global experience and is tailored to meet the demands of every market. We provide Gaming solutions that include:

- Porting/Development of Games across platforms

- Validation and localization of content

- Availability of content across platforms (various Form Factors)

- Creation of photo-realistic assets

- Gamification of applications


Gaming Services

Our Gaming offerings include:

- Game Development (PC, Console-based, Mobile, Online)

- Porting across multiple devices and targets

- Game localization

- Massively multi-player online game development

    - Network Programming and Artificial Intelligence

- Art Asset Development/Custom Animation Development

- Validation of Game Functionality

- Validation of Games/Servers for Scalability, Security and Performance

- Gamification services for various industries (medical, corporate, education and training, etc.)

- Development of backend systems enabling digital distribution, tracking of content

Strengthening helpdesk and infrastructure support for a leading Hollywood studio
Our client had limited resources for 24/7 technical support and on-call support on weekends.

With SapTREE’s helpdesk support, the studio now has adequate capabilities for backup and recovery at all levels. They benefit from real-time 24/7 support within a defined SLA matrix and lower operational cost through co-location of the team. 99% availability of the servers ensures un-interrupted functioning.

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