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To meet the expectations of multiple stakeholders in a challenging environment, governance needs to be nimble and effective. ICT-enabled solutions for governments can help achieve this through process efficiencies, technology scalability, feature-rich business functionality, customized mapping with government functions at different levels of administration and analytics to enable planning and decision-making.


Transparency and accountability can also be built into government process workflows with an outcome-based approach.


Solutions We Offer

Our solutions for the public sector help you manage a wide range of areas including:


Citizen Services: Affordable and anywhere access to public services required by citizens routinely, with real-time information availability and 24X7 paperless service delivery


Social Development: Inclusive growth through biometrics-based beneficiary identity management, electronic disbursal of wages and non-monetary benefits, beneficiary enrollment, digital works management and self-help group management


Defense and Security: Secure and robust communication networks, active Electronic Warfare (EW) systems and integrated law enforcement systems to empower your defense forces and security agencies


Revenue and Taxation: Integration of revenue, taxation and financial management on a single platform. This helps increase tax revenues through effective tax administration, perform a variety of financial management activities including budget preparation, and achieve rigorous fiscal discipline


Public Healthcare: Increased accessibility to affordable public healthcare and medical services by offering clinical and diagnostic services, effective administration and proactive monitoring of quality health services


Public Infrastructure: Rapid urbanization, better management and delivery of civic services, planned development of cities through optimized technology infrastructure, integrated transportation and traffic systems, management of state-wide area network and data center


Disaster Management: Early warning systems for disasters with incident response systems and knowledge portals



    Improved transparency and accountability: We automate your processes and ensure access to real time information to various stakeholders


    Increased accessibility: You can increase the accessibility and affordability of public services with our workflow-driven processes and internet-enabled solutions


    Higher security: Our solutions ensure total security of government and personal data through multiple technologies including digital certificates, biometrics, encryption and authorized access levels


    Enhanced change management:You can manage change effectively and efficiently leveraging our process rigor, coupled with our expertise in government domains and innovation models



Citizens across the world expect their governments to connect more closely with them and provide easy access to information and public services. This has led to the increasing adoption of e-Governance initiatives aimed at closer contact with citizens, simplifying the management of resources, boosting the quality of services, lowering costs, improving productivity and increasing transparency.


How SapTREE Helps

SapTREE's Government practice helps public managers and administrators by creating business cases for the adoption of technology that benefits citizens through:


Assessment and guidance for e-Governance projects with clear value propositions and ROI


Creation of standardized information and data strategies and uniform structures for simplified management


Project management that also addresses administrative, legal, compliance, environmental, privacy and security issues


We believe that our technology capabilities streamline Government processes and infrastructure. Our goal is to guide Governments towards smart IT choices to meet the expectations of their citizens.


    The SapTREE Advantage   

    - The Government Industry Solutions Unit at SapTREE provides transformational smart governance solutions for all tiers of government organizations – federal, state and local


- SapTREE experience in providing solutions to public sector in multiple countries helps us understand and leverage globally accepted best-practices and solutions


- Our experts have extensive experience in design and implementation of effective governance solutions using world-class current and next-generation technologies


- We deliver end-to-end holistic and integrated solutions where we provide software, hardware, applications and infrastructure


- Our frameworks-enabled solutions help in rapid implementation timelines and reduced lifecycle costs