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Mobile Applications

Applications can also be classified by computing platform such as a particular operating system, delivery network such as in cloud computing and Web 2.0 applications, or delivery devices such as mobile apps for mobile devices.


We provide the due diligence and out of the box thinking required to solve your problems in new ways. SapTREE delivers application roadmaps and provides strategic direction to our enterprise customers as they embark on their digital transformations and mobility projects. SapTREE comprehensive suite of enterprise mobility services includes:


Mobile Consulting: Offering expert advice for Enterprise mobility implementations provided by our full staff of Mobility Architects


Mobile Application Development: Providing Mobile application development services across various devices / platforms


Modernization services: Transforming desktop / web - based applications into mobile enabled, mobile first applications


Mobility Testing Services: Providing mobile specific testing services targeting various devices and requirements for functional, technical and non functional requirements


Mobile Cloud: Developing test solutions that are driven by 3rd generation testing methods for on-demand, global cloud-based solution.